team future footwear

Andrea Cheung

James Fuller

project manager, internal

project manager, external

Corporate Environmental Management

Corporate Environmental Management

"a scientist working to change the way people and businesses see the environment."

"very interested in consumer services, business education, & startup culture. I'm working everyday to improve my technical/writing abilities & hope to catch you at some point down the road!"

Tyanna Bui

outreach manager

Corporate Environmental Management

"loves creating content, strategic communications & media, beauty & fashion, and is currently in the brainstorming phase for a sustainable-related idea–coming in 2020."

Andrew Paterson

data manager

Energy and Climate

"master's student interested in improving corporate sustainability as a means of protecting the oceans and human health."

Teresa Fukuda

finance manager

Corporate Environmental Management

"current master's student at the bren school of environmental science & management, specializing in corporate environmental management."


Roland Geyer

professor at ucsb

professor at ucsb 

Patricia Holden