the wear test

Our team carefully selected the 3 variables that we believe contribute the most to outsole shoe shedding and with Adidas, has selected 12 different shoe models. We were able to obtain 60 total shoe pairs and handed them out to our wonderful volunteers to use and track their wear habits.

parley ultraboost

nizza white

nizza black


parley adizero






endless run

f/22 primeknit

During the 5 month period, our volunteers had the opportunity to participate in themed raffles and competitions meant to educate and allow them to creatively express their views about the microplastic problem in our environment.


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the volunteers

"take a creative video or picture to show how you use your [wear test] shoes"

Submitted by: Victor Nguyenbui

Submitted by: James Fuller

Submitted by: Vincent Thivierge

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"share a microplastic image you found online and explain why you think it's captivating"

"Just imagine all that coming out of washing your clothing. It's important we only wash our clothing when we absolutely need to and reintroduce the habit of using filters into our washing machines. We should all start using Guppy friends or microfiber (fiber fragment) laundry balls."

- David Mun

"Microbeads are tiny pieces of polyethylene plastic too small to be caught from water treatment plants and end up in the ocean. They collect other toxic waste along the way and end up in the diet of a lot of our ocean inhabitants, inadvertently making its way into their predators all the way up the food chain back to us." - Stephen Sung

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 "what habits do you incorporate in your daily life to minimize plastic use?" 

"Using reusable cups and straws! Shopping at thrift stores! Buying bar soap instead of liquid in a bottle." - Rachel Torres

"I generally try to be as frugal and efficient with my stuff as possible, so that means reusing things whenever I can, such as non-plastic shopping bags, carrying around a water bottle around everywhere instead of using one-use plastic bottles, giving birthday and Christmas gifts in used and re-purposed plastic packaging (the last one is sometimes true.)." - Woo Jin Kim

"When it comes to eating and drinking, I prefer reusable glass tupperware and my water flask over single use plastics. Seeing how much trash there is along the freeway legitimately has me concerned about how much single use plastic is in our lives. It's kind of hard to avoid in all situations but at least if I can eat meals and use silverware over plastic forks, wash dishes or glass containers over a plastic bag, and drink from a reusable metal flask over a plastic water bottle, I feel a bit better about things." - Kevin Akahoshi

"I have been trying to bring reusable utensils when I go out to eat. I also try and finish all my food to avoid having Togo boxes." - Brian Wang

"In my family we have bought bamboo spoons, knifes and forks to avoid using one single use plastic utensils"

- Cesar Beitia